The Team

The Team

The Founders

Emeline Shantyoga

Emeline Diaz Roman

Emeline worked as a consultant during 7 years at the United Nations’ International Climate Change Negociations. She then became a Yoga teacher and specialised in natural therapies ( She trains other teachers and therapists and organises horse riding yoga retreats.

Alexis Rain Drop

Alexis Roman

Alexis a créé l’association Rain Drop ( en 2010, afin de venir en aide à des villageois indiens souffrant de sécheresse et de les soutenir dans leur démarche de développement économique et social. Après avoir passé 5 ans en Inde, il délègue désormais la mise en œuvre des projets à l’équipe qu’il a formée. Il a ainsi du temps pour développer de nouveaux projets au Togo et gérer l’Oasis de l’Aube.

Emeline & Alexis Oasis de l'Aube

Our encounter

We met in 2009, during our Masters degree in Environment and Sustainable development at SciencesPo Paris. A common vision and our passion for nature, solidarity and the spiritual path inner quest led us to dream about a place in which we could live according to our values and beliefs. A place of peace, nurturing and sharing. We wanted to show that other models of development and relations to others were possible, without having to negate comfort or modernity. This is why we created l’Oasis de l’Aube (Oasis of Dawn), a space in which you can rest, learn, break away from negative patterns, to better connect to your inner self, others and nature.

Our friends

chat yoga


Yamuna’s days consist of sleeping, playing, staring at butterflies and eating. Her presence reminds us of the simple pleasures of life and the importance to take the time for an afternoon nap !

cheval et yoga

The horses (Jupiter, Pepsi, Géant, Billy & Cooper) are with us daily. Constantly connected with nature, they live in the moment and are imbued with an infinite wisdom. They also help with healing processes during workshops on animal communication.