Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

From the sky

The land

Surrounded by nature (forests, prairies, river), the Oasis is an ideal place to contemplate, unwind and enjoy !

Cottage Tulsi

The rooms Chandra and Surya are on the first floor. They each have their own bathroom and toilet. They can host 3 to 4 people each. The Gaya room is on the ground floor, it can host 3 to 4 people. The bathroom and toilet are just outside the room.  


Cottage Padme

The rooms Prithvi and Jala are on the ground floor and the rooms Vayu and Akasha are on the 1st floor. There is a bathroom and a toilet on each floor for these rooms. They can each welcome two people.  

Dining Room

The dining room is in Cottage Padme. In winter around the fireplace or in summer with the garden and pool, it’s a La friendly place to come together and enjoy delicious vegetarian meals. 

Yoga Hall

The Yoga Hall is under construction. It will be ready by octobre 2019. It will measure 126 m2 with views on nature and all the material and props required for yoga and meditation. Meanwhile, we have a temporary Yoga Hall which measures 230 m2 with views on nature and rigide walls for yoga exercices. There is all the material you might need –  belts, different size of bricks, feet-ups, meditation cushions (zafus), different kinds of bolsters, chairs and of course mats. 

There is also a small meditation hall for small groups or individual practice.