Philosophy & Ethics

Our dream

Already 8 years before the start of this project, we dreamed of a place which embodied our values and aspirations. A place where we could live in harmony with nature and respect for others. A space in which everyone can grow and flourish. An oasis representing a sustainable ideal on environmental, social and economical spheres.

The Oasis of Dawn

centre de yogaIn august 2018, we found the place we were waiting for in Saint-Mesmin, Dordogne, South West France. A few months later, the Oasis of Dawn was born.

The Oasis of Dawn (Oasis de l’Aube in french) is a celebration of life. It welcomes workshops and retreats themed on well-being, health and sustainable development. It’s a haven of peace and nature where guests come to relax, discover and reconnect. We propose holistic formulas including lodging and organic vegetarian food to welcome retreats, vacations, workshops and trainings on yoga, meditation, natural therapies and nature. More than just a retreat center, the Oasis aims at embodying the values it proclaims :

  • Respect for the environment through sustainable management of water, electricity, food and waste
  • Fulfilment of families living here and supportive relations with the communities around
  • Financial stability based on a fair, holistic and sustainable economic model to ensure the project’s duration

This Land is not ours, we are not the owners, but only temporary gardiens. We have deep gratitude for the responsability of nurturing this diverse plot of land, and to humbly contribute a little more light, well-being and peace.

Our values

  • Act to create more peace, harmony and light,
  • Contribute to well-being around us,
  • Share & provide the tools for a holistic development adapted to each and everyone,
  • Live in profound respect for Life in all its forms,
  • Reduce our environmental impact,
  • Find the equilibrium between environmental preservation, social fulfilment and economic sustainability.

Our objectives

  • Develop a place of peace and harmony where people can blossom,
  • Create a community that share our values
  • Strive towards a complete autonomy on energy, food and water while maintaining comfortable standards of living
  • Sustainably manage natural ressources
  • Ensure the sustainability of the place and its members
  • Share and encourage the implementation of our values
  • Implement all our activities in the respect of Life
  • Create a sustainable model of development

Significance of the name

oasis logo centre de formation de yogaThe name “Oasis de l’Aube” reflects the place. It appeared to us during a meditation : dawn represents a rebirth, a new opportunity to create a new rapport to oneself, others and living in community. It’s the light which is reborn every day. The Oasis represents nature, a haven of tranquility and life in which one can recharge and relax.

Every letter of the word AUBE appeared as a symbol for the fundamental values of the place.

Amour (Love)The greatest force that is, the essence of all things, the impulse of each action. Love is without limit, without goal and without expectation. Infinite source of compassion, creativity, joy, humanity and healing, it’s Love which connects each of us to one another, nature and ourselves.

Unité (Unity) We are all One, interrelated in our differences, our paths and our choices. Our daily actions impact the life of all other beings. Animals, humans and nature are all manifestation of the same unity.

Bienveillance (Kindness)The basis of all relations. From it spring gratitude, non-judgement, tolerance, support for others as well as just and harmonious relations. To always try to do our best, without hurting anyone, but also daring to say what needs to be said and to do what needs to be done. May each thought, word and act be guided by kindness.

Equilibre (Equilibrium) – Between Earth and Sky, féminin and masculin, action and detachment. To find the middle way between one’s needs and nature’s preservation, between oneself and others, between endurance and letting go. Equilibrium to strive towards more individual well-being and global harmony. The equilibrium which will allow us to develop new living models satisfying for all while respecting nature.


The Oasis has at its core principles Love, Unity, Kindness and Equilibrium. These are the values that carry us and that we want to materialise through this place. These principles resonate in each one of us, but often mismatch with the functioning of our society. The Oasis is a place of renewal and hope. Well managed, an oasis can spread life far beyond its original source.

It welcomes travellers, seekers, those who doubt like those who believe, so they can rest, find strength and continue on their path.

The Oasis of Dawn is passage, a refuge, a buble of Love. A space where tolerance and openness, to share, each day, a little more Light.

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