How to get here ?

How to get here

Oasis de l’Aube
Veaupeytourie, Saint-Mesmin, 24270, France

There are several ways to get to the Oasis.

By car

The two main access are the A20 highway which goes from Paris (4h30) to Toulouse (2h30) and the A89 highway which links Bordeaux (2h15) to Lyon (3h50), passing by Clermont-Ferrand (2h30).

The easiest way is simply to enter Oasis de l’Aube or Veaupeytourie, Saint-Mesmin, 24270 in your GPS.

By train

The main railway stations are Limoges, Brive-la-Gaillarde and Périgueux, all 1 hour away from the Oasis . From there you can share a taxi or rent a car. You can also take a local train to get a bit closer to Saint-Yreix la Perche or Arnac-Pompadour to get a bit closer (20 min away). A bit further away the major railway stations of Bordeaux and Toulouse are at 2h-2h30 away. From there you can see if someone can pick you up, take a cab or share a rental car.

By plane

The main airports are (2h10) and Toulouse-Blagnac (2h30) which connect the major destinations of Europe, the Maghreb and Montreal (from Bordeaux). For other international destinations Paris airports (4h30-5h) or Lyon (3h50) are the best options. There are also two secondary international airports in Limoges (1h10) and Bergerac (1h30) which connect major cities in France and the UK as well as Brussels and Rotterdam. Finally, there are two national airports Périgueux-Bassillac and Brive-Souillac with direct flights to Paris all year round and major French cities during the summer season.

Once at the airport, the easiest is to share a taxi or rent a car.

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