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29 mai 2020 – 1 juin 2020 Jour entier
The retreat program is designed to nurture your body, mind and spirit; having said that, you can choose to do as little or as much of what is on offer during your stay. There will be guided meditation, pranayama and asana classes daily (slow vinyasa in the morning and yin yoga in the late afternoon), either in the fully equipped yoga hall or in the great outdoors.
The centre is surrounded by nature – there will be plenty of free time to make friends with the resident animals (and your fellow retreat-goers of course!) or go exploring further afield to walk in the woods or swim in the river. You can also just curl up with a good book or nap by the pool. Bellies will be nourished by 3 organic vegetarian meals a day, lovingly prepared with local ingredients. 
For further information, pricing & bookings, please contact Claire on 07 66 85 68 46 or [email protected]

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